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Assimilation / Elimination


Assimilation and Elimination is key to being able to bring in new energy (food) into our body and getting rid of old energy (cell waste) all the time (24 / 7). The assimilating organs that break down new energy is our Stomach, Pancreas, Liver, Gall Bladder and Small Intestines. The eliminating organs that rid the body of old energy or cell waste is our Liver, Colon, Skin, Lung and Kidney. 

Detoxification is equal to Assimilation and Elimination, without this process our bodies cannot heal itself. Poison (free radicals) and body waste (acidity) are constantly trying to destroy our living cells. We need the best kind of nutrition to get energy in us to push out all this toxic stress. This is a cycle we must keep going 24 hrs. 7 days/wk. The method of detox is to first clean up unhealthy Intestines. Method two clean toxic Liver. Method three clean toxins out of Kidney. Method four clean toxins out of tissue such as; Fat, Lymph, Brain and Nerves. All this elimination of toxins takes a lot of high energy to complete the process. The best kind of nutrition is needed.

We need healthy intestines to keep our human waste from getting in to our body. Fried food, drugs, high sugar foods destroy our mucous lining of the colon and create an environment for parasites, yeast, fungus, and bad bacteria.

If we do not eat the proper foods we will have sugar problems with highs and lows all day long. What we eat is important to our bodies ability to heal itself. Good energy in will provide the power to push out the old energy (acidic waste). If we do not comply to this basic rule, this energy will convert itself to fat. This fat is call stored potential energy. The Chinese call it is called to much energy. We need to control our intake of high refined glucose. Energy coming into our body needs to be balanced with Proteins, Starch, Oils, and fiber, (fruit & vegetables). How we assimilate and eliminate our new and old energy will determine whether we are successful at helping our body to vibrant health.