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Become Your Own best doctor

"Rome was not built in one day"

How true it is to say; to build a healthy body, is not done in one day. It takes commitment and hard work. Knowledge is still key if we want to reach a goal. Try to get somewhere without direction (information) is very difficult to say the lease. I hope everyone can benefit from information posted on this website. If thoughts were not clear please email me or call. I would like to sum up what I needed to say. I will ask a question and then give the answer. Lets see how much we have learned together.

1) What are the 7 basic concepts for creating a foundation for healing? 

Answer: (K - R.E.A.D. = DR.)
Knowledge, Relaxation, Exercise, Attitude, Diet, Detox & Rebuild.

2) Can we look into our eyes and see how the brain communicate to our body as a whole?

Answer: Yes! by studying Iridology we can see acidy, free radical, and degeneration of cells throughout the whole body. We can not diagnose but we can analyze and use this information to see if there is a physical problem with our health. 

3) Is Assimilation and Elimination important factor in healing.

Answer: Yes! We must continue to bring new energy in and eliminate old energy to keep the bodies energy flowing continually. If we do not disease will develop and we will suffer. What we eat and how healthy our organs are, liver, kidney, lung, skin, colon etc. will determine our well being and how we function.

4) What are the most powerful nutrients we can use to help heal our bodies?

Answer: Water, Enzymes, Oxygen, and Ions.

5) How can we benefit ourselves from a BIA evaluation?

Answer: By learning our body composition of Fats, Muscle Mass, and Fluid we can understand how our stress issues are effecting our physical structure and energy flow. A phase angle is given as a measurement to see how well our energy is moving throughout our body. Resistance and Reactance are the two measurements used to calculate and find how we are progressing, both physically and energetically. 

6) Who controls our body?

Answer: Our brain and nerves control's the body. Our brain is responsible for communicating to every cell about who's who in our body. If there is a problem in the big toe the brain will orchestrate and bring the whole body together to help heal the big toe. 

7) Why get a Massage?

Answer: Massage moves energy through the body, and helps the body to heal itself. It helps connect the brain through the nervous system to other parts of our body. A feeling of relaxation and more energy is the reward we get from getting a massage. Relaxation is one very major key in helping our body to heal.

8) How can we help stimulate healing?

Answer: We can use our 5 senses to send vibration signals to our brain. The brain will then take this stimulation and direct the nervous system to activate cells that have been shut down do to much stress. Regular stimulation from are senses is key to keeping our body moving in the direction of healing.

9) What does E=mc2 mean?

Answer: Energy and Matter are equal. We can not have one with out the other. They feed each other. Energy creates Matter and Matter feeds on Energy to exist. We are Energy and we are Matter. Our body can be measured from a physical diagnosis (blood test) or from an Energy evaluation (kinesiology). Both measurements when used together can give profound information before a disease develops. We can see with kinesiology changes in the energy flow which if not corrected will lead into a physical disorder. Taking a Physical exam only shows a disorder after the energy flow has been alter for a long time. Energy must continue to flow to keep the physical matter flexible. A flexible body is a healthy body. Energy flow can be measure by using pH paper in the morning. Acid - Alkaline balance is key to moving energy and a strong physical body.


Please do not let this information overwhelm you. Take a little bit and digest it. Again if something is not clear contact me and I will help bring these 9 concepts to life. It takes time to learn how to become your own best doctor. I want to help teach everyone that we can attain better health by becoming our own best doctors.