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Muscle Testing


How does it work?

Muscle testing uses the body's own computer, the brain, along with its electrochemical circuits of interaction with organs, muscles, and diverse tissues, to determine the internal integrity of the body as well as its nutritional requirements.  Biokinesiology muscle-testing procedure removes the guesswork when determining the nutritional needs of the individual. A Biokinesiology Nutritional Consultant can therefore provide a beneficial program that is tailor-made for the individual. 

Examining the mechanism of the human body, you will find an amazing communications network connecting every part of the body to the brain. The book The Brain states, "Every cell [and organ] of the human body is ruled by the brain. Its commanding presence orders sensation, movement, thought, a lifetime of memory... What makes this so is the central nervous system, a maze of nerve fibers linking all areas of the body to cells in the fabric of the brain." The book continues: "Branching dendrites of a single cell make thousands of contacts with other fibers, forming one of the most complex information-gathering systems in the brain. The cell body dispatches messages...."

A powerhouse of electrochemical energy energizes the brain. Commenting on this the book The Brain reveals: "Electrical [20 watts] as well as chemical activity powers hypothalamic generators, cell masses specializing in involuntary behavior control. These centers crackle with energy as they light up circuits signaling the body to eat, drink, get angry, keep cool, make love. All that power and more fits into a quarter-ounce lump of gray matter [the brain]. It is this electrochemical circuitry that is utilized by the muscle-testing practitioner.

The book The Brain tells us more. It describes how the nerve cells operate. "Billions upon billions of nerve cells in a tiny information-processing system with thousands of connections through which it receives and sends signals... Dendrites function as receivers, picking up impulses from neighboring nerve cells. The axon, one long fiber, extends from the cell body....The axon serves as a transmitter, sending signals to other neurons. "When a neuron's dendrites pick up an impulse from a neighboring cell, a wave of electrical activity sweeps through the cell...At the end of the axon, the impulse strikes the terminal buttons, which contain tiny round sacs, or synaptic vesicles. The sacs burst open, spilling chemical messengers called neurotransmitters into the narrow synapse separating the terminal button from the next cell's dendrites. The neurotransmitters flow across the gap an lock onto receptor sites on the receiving cell's dendrites, sparking a second electrical current.

Summarizing the process, the book continues: "All nerve cells use this process to transmit impulses. Axons of many nerve cells combine into cables to form nerve fibers...Sensory, or afferent, nerves carry messages from the body and the environment to the spinal cord and brain, which make up the central nervous system. Sensory neurons receive their information from receptors, special cells in sense organs, muscles, skin and joints. Interneurons found only in the brain and spinal cord pick up the afferent nerve impulses and relay them to motor nerves...The nerve impulses leap from node to node, enabling the brain to respond quickly to messages from the senses and the body." It is mind boggling to try to comprehend how the brain with its electrochemical circuitry can accomplish so much in caring for the demands of the body. A Biokinesiologist uses Muscle testing to take advantage of the built-in neural electrochemical system to determine the herbal and nutritional needs of the individual.

As we begin to examine the functions of the brain, we can see that the man-made computer does not begin to approach the complexity or capacity of the human brain. The computer can handle only one piece of information at a time, whereas the brain and nervous system can handle and disseminate millions of pieces of information simultaneously. The number of individual pathways between neurons in the brain is astronomical. Neuroscientist Thompson concluded that the possible connections within our brain is larger than the total number of atomic particles that make up the known universe. In further contrast to the computer, the brain's memory capacity is far superior. Karl Pribram stated, "Each synapse...may retain billions of memories." In summary we can simply say that the storage and information-processing capacity of the human brain is staggering. 

This awesome communications network was highlighted in Newsweek Magazine in an article entitled "Body and Soul." It stated, "The past 10 years have witnessed an explosion of research findings suggesting that the mind and body act on each other in often remarkable ways."  Further, it states that "the whole field of mind-body interactions are being proved out scientifically.

The article went on to say that "in the late 1970s neuroscientist Karen Bulloch...traced direct neurological pathways between the brain and the immune system. Later research indicated that the immune system produces chemicals that feed information back to the brain, much the way the brain's neurotransmitters signal the immune system. Scientists have since concluded the two are joined in an intricate 'feedback loop.' by which each influences the other." In view of this, some scientists are convinced that "there is a kind of shared consciousness in the mind and body." referred to as the 'functional pathways' of the immune-brain connection. It is now believed that "the central nervous system. presided over by the brain, branches to every part of the body." As a result it "appears that the immune system and the brain are continually sending each other messages about their own experiences of the world." Scientist Boldstein referred to these functional pathways as a "wonderful system of integrated circuits."

The foregoing scientific evidence helps us to realize that we are only beginning to appreciate the capacity of the human organism. In view of the incredibly complicated and intricate electrochemical system within the human body, it is certainly more than reasonable that we should be able to discern physical conditions within the system. It is the autonomic section of the brain-a constant, electrochemical frame work always ready to report every minute stimuli of whatever substance that comes in contact with the human body-that muscle testing utilizes. The brain-controlled, electrochemical communications system in the body is more than sufficient for the purpose of muscle testing. Biokinesiology Muscle Testing is a very effective means of determining the body's herbal and nutritional needs. 

The forgoing facts presented on the subject of muscle testing, involves the amazing neural communications system within the body as with iridology. The visible nerve fibers in the iris are clearly affected by the conditions in the corresponding organs and other tissues of the body. Muscles are affected by the conditions corresponding to organs also and can be tested to find what the body needs to strengthen these organs.

If any questions arise regarding Biokinesiology muscle-testing procedure, I am ready to answer them. Muscle Testing is a Neurological test. When testing the strength of a muscle we are communicating with the brain through the nervous system. A Biokinesiologist uses muscle testing to determine the correlation between between the brain and body functions physical or nutritional.

Below is a text book written by David S. Walther D.C. Diplomate, ICAK. The introduction of this book is given by George J. Goodheart, Jr., D.C., F.I.C.C. Diplomate, ICAK

This book will help one understand how muscle testing is used as a professional tool.

To purchase this book send $110.00 to:
275 West Abriendo Avenue
Pueblo, Colorado 81004
PH 1-800-221-6262
In Colorado 719-543-3617

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