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Energy = Mc2
Our we Energy or Physical matter?

The answer is (Yes) we are both. When the Egg and Sperm bumped into each other, there was a spark of light. From this spark of energy all the information was downloaded from each parent into a new human to be. Awesome! from that point on Energy, (light movement), kept growing into Matter. We are unique. Our own genetic make up feeds on energy. This energy comes from elements in the world we live in, food, oxygen, and water. We are individuals unique and different from anyone else. We have a likeness of our family members but still we are different in many ways. We pick up genetic weaknesses from our family, but we have control of these weakness to a large degree because of our brain and nervous system. If we support our genes with a balanced supply of energy (oxygen, water, ions, enzymes), and other forms of nutrition, we can maintain function of our cells. Genes maintain a high quality of expression within the cell, if the cell is fed proper energy. As you can see we need energy to continue in this physical form. Without energy there is no physical matter.

How can we help our bodies heal by understanding this concept of Energy and Matter? The Chinese understood this concept for a very long time. The Oldest Healing Art is Acupuncture Medicine. The Art of moving energy into the body and through the body. New energy (chi) in old energy (chi) out. This continuous movement of (chi) or energy is the way the body maintains its homeostasis or (healing). There are many ways to move energy, using acupuncture needles is just one. The needles help very much in creating a therapeutic balance of energy per treatment, but more is needed to maintain constant energy flow and balance (homeostasis). We can help move energy through our bodies by using the concept of (R.E.A.D) Relaxation, Exercise, Attitude, and Diet. Massage is another way. Moving energy is important and consuming high energy is also. Energy in and Energy out. Bring in the new energy (alkaline) and get rid of the old energy (acid).

It is important to define human energy flow (in and out). The Human body needs the highest quality of energy in a physical form of water, ions, oxygen, and enzymes. These forms of energy keep acids that our body creates in balance. Energy flow is just like electricity. Electricity moves continuously as long as there is no resistance or break in the circuit. To much acid (old energy) can build up up in our energy system (body) and create resistance (slow energy flow) or shutting down of cells (a break in the circuit). We need to keep acids in check by using food and nutritional products that will support alkalinity to our cells. Checking our urine in the morning with pH stick is the best way to see how our energy or electricity is flowing. The more acid we are the less our body has proper energy flow. This means we do not feel very well. We have all kinds of symptoms of sickness.

From reading of this website material are we beginning to see how important acid alkaline balance is? The Body can Heal Itself. Energy flow, homoeostasis, healthy or sick, is all relative to acid alkaline balance. Use these products RBC coral calcium, Seasilver, and we can help create this important balance. 

Remember we are both physical and energy. Energy is not seen with the naked eye but exists and feeds the physical body. To understand energy better understand the atom. All the 88 basic elements of earth that we came from (the dust) are measured as an atomic energy. We appear to be physical because of the movement of the electrons that revolve around the nucleus of an atom. Read the article about unseen energy.  UNSEEN ENERGY