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First Concept

7 Basic Steps

The science behind the challenge

The seven basic steps to healing are:
1. Knowledge
2. Relaxation
3. Exercise
4. Attitude
5. Diet
6. Detox
7. Rebuild

When we look at the human body it appears to be like a puzzle. There are so many different pieces it gets confusing to say the least. The first step to understanding How the Body Heals Itself, is to start taking in knowledge. The more we know about our bodies the better we will be able to help heal ourselves. The most important part of learning is basic training. Everything has a foundation on which it stands. Governments, Families, Marriage, Friendship, House, Automobile, etc. There is a way or a system for doing something correctly. If we follow the rules we get the best results. So when we want to take care of our health we need to follow some rules. These rules are (R.E.A.D.). Relaxation, Exercise, Attitude and Diet. We need to study or READ about these four basic functions in our life. Why because we all have difficulty in applying them in our lifestyle. When we apply these four basic principles we will be helping our bodies Detox and Rebuild. This is a goal we need to attain on a daily bases. We cannot help our bodies to heal if we don't apply these rules. 

Relaxation is it important in our lives? Ask that question to a person who can no longer sleep at night. What do you think the answer will be. YES!  I NEED MY SLEEP! What does sleeping have to do with how the body heals itself? If the body does not get the proper amount of relaxation our brains can not communicate to our cells. When we rest our bodies automatically start to clean and rebuild new tissue. Our brain and DNA go to work pulling all the nutrients from all over our body to help heal and mend cells that need help. We need relaxation to recuperate from all the stress and damage we caused our body parts everyday. First sign of sickness is restlessness, nervousness, and inability to  reach a deep sleep at bed time. Taking time off from work and taking a vacation is important to healing. Just sitting around and having good conversation, reading a book, all these things are necessary to help the body to mend and heal. Now ask ourselves this question are we always tried? Do we sleep all the time. I wonder why? If we don't take the time to slow down and relax our bodies will stop us. When we reach the point of fatigue all the time we are in trouble. The body has broken down and wants to catch up by getting more sleep. Guess what?, if we have responsibilities we can't stop and rest. This is when we don't listen to ourselves and become ill. The body needs proper rest and relaxation to heal itself. Massage is also a great tool to bring the body back into relax state. Massage is one of the best known antidotes for stress. Reducing stress we have more energy, improves our outlook on life, and in the process reduces our likelihood of injury and illness. Massage can also relieve symptoms of conditions that are aggravated by anxiety such as asthma or insomnia. Because it relieves stress, massage is an excellent supportive therapy for people in psychological counseling or treatment for addiction. Use massage to help our body relax and heal itself naturally.   

Exercise who needs it? We all need to exercise in some form or another. Exercise is another area of concern when we want to help heal ourselves from a sickness. Excuse me! but this is the last thing on our minds when we don't feel like doing anything. WRONG! Now is the time to start an exercise program. Why? Did you ever here the old saying; if you don't use it you will loose it. Our bodies were design to work and sweat not just think and wish I could. Exercise can be as simple as taking a deep breaths for five minutes to start then we can build our routine up to be more vigorous. What is the basic function for exercise? It helps bring in more oxygen, improves bowel movement, produces more endorphins, stimulates rebuilding of muscle mass and organ tissue, makes you drink more water, builds endurance and confidence, melts and moves lymph fluid through and out of body, sweat eliminates toxins, improves appetite, strengthens heart and circulation, etc.. The list goes on. The most important part of exercise is breathing. Oxygen is key to bringing back our health. Stretching when exercising helps to improve a tight muscle to relax for fluid flow, very important. Without more oxygen and proper fluid flow our bodies will not be able to overcome the sickness. Once you start to exercise again you will not want to stop. I wonder why? Maybe the body likes it? Exercise is basic to gain better health. What kind of exercise do you like? Running, Jumping, Stretching, Bicycling, Trampoline, Swimming, Weight lifting, the list goes on. Remember breathing ,fluid flow, and muscle relaxation is key.

Attitude is everything when comes to getting something done that is what I always heard. It is true for us to be motivated we need attitude, without it well nothing gets done. There is only two kinds of attitudes Negative and Positive. The question is which one gets the job done. I wonder? If we don't understand something clearly our attitude may be negative. On the other hand if we had knowledge of the subject and it was clear to us our attitude would be positive. Knowledge is key as to how we react in any situation negative or positive. When it comes to our health sometimes we get a negative attitude because we refuse to understand what is needed to help heal ourselves. Our health is very important so we need to discipline our minds to understand all we can to keep positive. Attitude gets the job done!

Diet, what is the big deal about what I eat? I like fried foods, soda pop, candy, cake, beer, wine, coffee, potato chips, well I like mostly a seafood diet. Whatever I sea I eat. Well I don't think we can heal the body with these kinds of foods or philosophy. What kind of diet our we thinking about when we are trying to heal our body. We need 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods.

Our body produces acid as a by product of waste, Amino acids, Lactic acid, Uric acid, Fatty acid, Carbonic acid, etc. We need alkaline foods to rid the body of excess acid waste. If we don't we will degenerate very rapidly without warning of a major disease. When the body is acid energy is lowered, sleep is poor, person is quick tempered, symptoms of pain set in, a complaining negative attitude, and our symptoms will not go away. We can help our alkaline diet supplement with alkaline minerals to balance out our acid condition. RBC coral calcium, Seasilver and  Miracle 2 products are very good choices. Also take a look at this book written by Dr. Theodore A. Broody. In his book you will learn what pH (potential Hydrogen) means and much more. It is a great starter book to understanding why we need an alkaline diet and how it adds energy to our life. 

Detoxification: Applying (R.E.A.D.) the basic rules, our organs for Elimination will be strengthen. To help our body to heal itself we need first apply Relaxation, Exercise, Positive Attitude, and a more Alkaline Diet. Now our body has the power to push out old energy or waste, like acids and other body poisons. The body rids itself of waste through the Liver, Kidney, Lungs, Bowels and Skin. By being conscious of this elimination process we are now becoming our own best Doctor. 

Rebuild: Rebuilding is done again by applying the basic rules, (R.E.A.D) and using some basic nutrition like Seasilver, RBC coral calcium, and Miracle 2 Products. When our Detoxification improves so does our bodies ability to rebuild new tissue. When our organs, glands and systems work better, we will see the difference in our physical appearance. We began to loose weight. Breathing improves, sleeping improves, physical strength improves, appetite improves, emotions are more positive, eye sight improves, we have control of our own health. When we understand and apply these four concepts or rules (R.E.A.D.) we will become our own best Doctors.


First we need to take in Knowledge of these concepts Relaxation, Exercise, Attitude, Diet and then apply them in our life. Learning to Detox and Rebuild is a challenge. We can let our bodies become weak or we can fight back and get control of our health. Only we can make this decision to become our own best Doctor.  Our we ready to put the pieces of our body back together again. The choice is ours.