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How The Body Heals Itself

First Concept
We will understand the 7 basic concepts (K - READ = DR.) to create a foundation for healing, without these rules healing is very difficult.  
1. Knowledge
2. Relaxation
3. Exercise
4. Attitude 
5. Diet
6. Detox
7. Rebuild

These 7 basic concepts is where we start. These 7 basic concepts can effect our bodies structure, chemistry, and emotions depending how we apply them in our life. To help the body to heal itself we need a foundation to start from. If we create a strong foundation we can build a strong body.

Second Concept
We will come to understand Iridology in a way that will open our minds to see how the brain communicates as a whole. Our Body as a whole unit will have a new meaning. The term Holistic Medicine will also have more meaning. We will see how the brain and nerves control the healing of the body. Looking at many eyes and seeing how the eye changes will help us see how our health either improves or degenerates. The term acidy, free radicals, and ions will be discussed to help clarify the cause of degenerative disease and sickness. The pictures are colorful and the information is an eye opener.

Third Concept
Assimilation and Elimination is an important factor in healing, what comes into our bodies must also leave. Detoxification is equal to Assimilation and Elimination, without this process our bodies cannot heal itself. We will learn to use certain kind of nutrition to help our bodies to heal.

Fourth Concept
We will discuss how Water, Enzymes, Oxygen and Ions are the most powerful nutrients we can use to heal our bodies. The better the source, the stronger the energy for healing the body. Our chemistry cannot function without these ingredients. The best products will be discussed and how they can support our chemistry for healing.

Fifth Concept
Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). This is a test that helps understand what happens to chemical energy as it flows through our bodies. If our bodies become low in energy (BIA) will explain this phenomenon. It explains our body composition and  weight. (BIA) evaluation breaks down the difference between Fat, Muscle, and Water. All these areas are very important for understanding how our bodies are compensating the energy we consume. The term Phase Angle will be discussed to understand how our health is progressing physically and energetically.

Sixth Concept 
Brain and Nerves control the Body

Seventh Concept
Why get Massages? How can massages support the healing of our bodies?

Therapeutic massage moves energy through our bodies, which in turn helps the body heal itself. It helps to connect the brain and nerves to our body parts. A feeling of relaxation and more energy is the reward of a good massage. Relaxation is one major key to healing our bodies.

Eight Concept

Our 5 senses help heal our bodies. How does our  5 senses heal the bodyWe will discus Smell - Taste - Touch - Sight - Sound. These vibrations or energies will help stimulate and recreate our cells.

Ninth Concept  
The theory of  E=Mc2 will be discussed to help understand how energy is the basis for all physical matter. We will see that Energy came first than we become Physical.

When we speak in terms of how we are feeling. Our energy is either good or its not so good. Understanding Energy in relationship to who we are Physically is very important. This subject will help us see how the body heals much clearer than every before.

Our body, is it physical or energy?

Tenth Concept
Become your own best Doctor.

Appling the Knowledge we receive is how we become our own best Doctor. Helping ourselves and then taking care of our love ones is what I teach. I am Guy Danowski and this is my commitment.