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Massage Therapist

Massages move energy!

If your energy is stuck their is much pain in getting a massage. What do you mean stuck energy? Our body must assimilate new energy, and eliminate old energy. If we are cleaning out the toxins inside us, the outside body looks great and has very little pain. In the beginning deep Massages hurt for those who are very toxic. Massages when applied correctly along with cleaning our bodies is the best way to move energy. Moving energy (chi), the life in our bodies is how we heal. Massages is the best therapy to move energy. Massages moves our life energy and allows us to live a more productive and healthier life.

Someone whom is licensed in Massage can help move our health in the direction of healing, and feel great afterward. If not done correctly can make one weak and feeling sick. Moderation is key. We need to move old energy out through our fluid system (lymphatic system) with improving our lifestyle. We need to clean our bodies inside also, not just rub the genie and make a wish. Thinking I wish all my pain and stress will go away. Massage can help us improve our health in many ways, but diet and lifestyle are very important. Massage is the greatest tool to help calm down a very stress out body and increase our physical energy.

Integrated Massage Therapy uses aroma therapy, hydro therapy, vibration therapy, percussion therapy, color therapy, cold laser, and sound therapy. These modalities when added to massage session will help improve the depth of Massage and Relaxation. Integrative Massage Therapy becomes an experience that can be absolutely wonderful. I believe Massage is the most powerful stimulating tool in the healing arts. The person whom is giving the Massage applies love from their heart has healing hands, that can transfer powerful energy to the client. Love is very powerful. We all need it very much. I encourage everyone to search out a good Massage Therapist. You will not regret it. It is the best tool for reaching our health goals. I recommend Integrative Massage Therapy.