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Nerve Science Therapy

Dr. Joseph Von. Styke LMT.   (Founder of Nerve Science Therapy)

With Nerve Science Therapy, we use brushing, vibrator, massage and manipulation to clear the nerve endings of crystaline deposits formed at the nerve endings. The crystaline deposits keep the electrical contact, or impulse, of the nerves from grounding. Nerve Science Therapy merely removes those crystaline deposits and thus enables the nerves to ground in the shoulders, the back, the hands, or wherever you may choose to work.With Nerve Science Therapy, nerve impulses travel in chain reactions, one neutron triggers the next. The inside of the arresting fiber is negatively charged and the outside positively charged. When using Nerve Science Therapy, it is important that you know where ot work, how long to work and in what sequence. Nerve Science Therapy will help 98% of nerve trouble and will help the brain to function better.