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Soda Pop

Your Health is at Stake!


Before you drink another cola or soda, read the following article, it may Save Your Life!

Scientists have found that healthy people have body fluids that are slightly alkaline, 7.1 to 7.5 pH. Scientists and doctors have also found that over 150 degenerative diseases are linked to acidity, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, gall and kidney stones, and many more. All diseases thrive in an acidic, oxygen poor environment.

Keep in mind that a drop in every point on the pH scale is10x more acidic than the previous number-- i.e. from 7 to 6 is 10x, from 7 to 5 is 100x etc. From 7 to 2 is 100,000x more acidic, colas are in the approximate 2.5 pH range. Almost no soda is higher than 3.0. Diet sodas are the worst as they are highest in acid content. Actually diet sodas can cause you to gain weight because they alter the blood chemistry, making changes in your metabolism, leading to a slower metabolic rate. See our link on Aspartame. The best liquid to drink is water.

Almost everything we do including our life styles and our diets push us into the acidic range: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are all digested down to acids. Even metabolic functions and exercise create some acids (lactic acid). Body fluids range between 4.5 and 7.5 pH (Your blood must maintain an alkaline range of 7.35 to 7.45 pH). So even our natural functions produce acids, and if we do not get the proper minerals, in the proper forms, our bodies may begin to degenerate. When you drink soda, the deterioration may be much faster. Read our Nutrition Main Page for more on this.

Will Cola & Sodas Kill?

Over the long term the effects of colas are devastating to the body. Acidity, sugars, and artificial flavors and sweeteners can shorten your life. It takes 32 glasses of alkaline water at an alkaline pH of 9 to neutralize the acid from one 12 oz. cola or soda. When you drink a cola or soda, the body will use up reserves of its own stored alkaline buffers, mainly calcium from the bones and DNA, to raise the body's alkalinity levels, especially to maintain proper blood alkaline pH levels. Acidic blood levels cause death! There are enough acids in one soda to kill you if you didn't possess a mechanism to neutralize them. But your mineral supply can be used up.

The reason that sodas are so bad, is that soda, like water and some other liquids, pass very quickly through the stomach into the small intestine where it is quickly assimilated into the bloodstream through the openings in the villi in the walls of the intestines. Liquids do not stay in the digestive tract.  Almost all liquids go into the bloodstream and is filtered through the liver and the kidneys and whatever is not needed by the body is sent to the bladder and urinated out. But these liquids can come in contact with virtually every cell in your body.

When a substance is an acid, it means that there are a large number of positively charged hydrogen ions in the liquid. These positively charged ions are lacking electrons and steal electrons from other atoms in the body which themselves become electrically unstable and seek other electrons from other atoms. These are called free radicals and what you've just started is a chain reaction of electron stealing. The problem with this is that whenever an electron is torn from an atom a little spark is produced, and this known to damage cell membranes. This is called free radical damage and can be seen under a microscope in a live blood cell analysis. The body must stop the process because you would probably die if your body couldn't neutralize the acids. When you use up the supply of available minerals to neutralize the acids, at that point you may get a very serious degenerative disease. Every soda that you drink will contribute to this acidity. Even without soda our bodies naturally produce acids, and minerals are needed in our diets to stop the deterioration process. Unfortunately, most of the food that we eat no longer contains the minerals that we need. This may be the reason for all the degenerative diseases that are so prevalent today. For more information, see the US Senate Document link in our list of links on the left, above.

RBC's, Alka-Line™ Coral Calcium (1-gram bags) perform a filtering and purifying process, which in turn assist the body in developing and maintaining a proper pH balance.  An acidic environment in the body is conducive to illness. A properly balanced alkaline body promotes health, aids in the elimination of toxins and bad bacteria, and helps with the assimilation of vitamins, minerals and supplementation.

Most degenerative diseases we call "Old-Age Diseases" like memory loss, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, and many more are actually life style diseases caused by acidosis, the lack of supplements, what we eat, don't eat, or properly eliminate.