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The Brain and nerves Controlls the body


The brain and nerves control the communication of the body on a physical level. The mind is energy communication and moves much quicker than chemical nerve impulses. The mind takes in 10 billions bits of information in one second. The physical brain then processes this information and chemically sends nerve impulses to our tissues throughout the body.

Energy communicates and moves at light speed, nerves depend on the physical structure and chemical balance to move about. Energy has much more freedom of movement. All physical matter comes from energy, (E = Mc2). Physical matter is a dense form of light energy. I need to make this comparison because our body communicates through energy also not just chemical nerve impulses. Our minds are made of energy and even though we cannot see it we know it is there. The mind is part of the brain that we can not see yet we use it every day.

We need the nervous system to transport information from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain. The brain is the leader of an orchestra sending signals of vibration or music throughout human body. In the brain is the mind, which no one can see. Our mind (made of atomic energy) only exist if we supply proper nutrition and keep the brain tissue fluid pH balanced. Our mind keeps memory of every (little vibration) and (big vibration) that has ever happen in our lives up to date. All the fun times and stressful times are kept in neat compartments of our mind. In order to heal we need to address these stressful vibrations and send comforting signals from our brains to the body. 

The brain is like a main fuse box where all electricity goes through. Like a circuit breaker in a building. If we over load the circuit we blow the fuse. As stress enters into our minds, (storing up stress memory), our communication system begins to shut down. Did you ever over load an electrical circuit? I am sure you have or someone you know did. This is how the brain and mind works. If we overload our mind and body with to much stress, we will blow a fuse and shut off electricity or (information) to the rest of the building (body). 

Stress is not an enemy to mankind. It is needed to function, but when we go beyond what our body can handle breakdown of tissue is the result. The brain can no longer orchestrate information throughout the body. The brain can not  receive information or transmit information throughout our body. Not knowing what is happening to our liver or our big toe is not good. 

We depend on our brains ability to communicate and bring nutrients via our body functions to other parts of the body. The brain helps to communicate and heal damage or weaken tissue everywhere in our body. Did you ever hear the term nervous breakdown? Yes indeed! a major problem from being overly stressed. Stress comes in many forms, emotional stress, chemical stress (nutritional), physical stress, environmental stress (pollution), money stress (security). We do not live in a perfect world or do we have perfect bodies. This is why we need to address the stress in our life's to help our bodies to heal. Our brain can only handle so much stress. We need to take a break and get some serious rest and a good massage. We need down time, a time so we can play and relax. You now the fun stuff!

Remember the Brain can control the healing in our bodies, but we need to slow down and reduce our stress level. We need to learn balance in all aspects of our lifestyle, emotional, physical, and nutritional. Can our bodies heal with a stress out brain that is shutting down? Can we flip on the switch again at the main fuse box again? The choice is ours. 

The brain controls the body through communication but our five senses Heal us. Healing comes when we stimulate our five senses, (Smell, Taste, Sound, Touch, Sight). I will discuss this information further under the topic Our Five Senses Heal Us. Are you starting understand how we can heal ourselves. It is more than just taking a pill and going to bed hoping all is well in the morning. Keep reading and don't forget knowledge is the first step to getting well. Knowledge and stimulation changes the input into our brains. Education comes first than the healing can begin. Motivation of thought (mind) is the key to getting where we need to go. 

Experience one of my Integrated Massages and turn the brain switches on again and feel wonderful again.