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The five senses heal the body


We discussed the Sixth Concept how the Brain has control of our body. Brain communication is very important keeping things organized in our body. The brain tries very hard to do this. Our brain is like a leader of an orchestra sending signals of vibration or music throughout the human body. It receives vibration (information) and sends signals of vibration (information) to balance stress related issues. Our brain uses whatever resources available to create harmony (homeostasis) throughout our physical-energy system. The question is how can our brain stimulate a communication system that has shut down from an overload of stress.

Stress comes in many forms, emotional stress, chemical stress (nutritional), physical stress, environmental stress (pollution), money stress (security). Remember the circuit breaker concept. Once you blow a circuit someone has to turn the switch on or nothing will work again. Guess what! What do you think turns on our switches? You got it!! It is your 5 senses.

Smell, Taste, Touch, Sound, and Sight are our God given gifts to help heal our bodies. How we use our senses measures the degree of healing power we have. The senses bring into the brain information or (vibrations) that are then broken down into signals by the brain to stimulate healing. Do you understand this concept? Brain (shuts down) from stress and our senses (switch on) turns on the brain. Switching on our brain is very important. It keeps our body energy moving in the direction of healing. 

A therapist whom understands this concept has much power to help someone heal their own body. We need proper stimulation to help our bodies to heal. Our 5 senses are the keys to sending signals through our physical body via the brain and nerves. We need to be stimulated by our 5 senses to move new energy that comes in, and to stimulate the old energy that goes out. The balance between new and old energy flow is improved with the help of our senses being properly stimulated. 

Remember E=mc2, energy is matter. Guess what? Energy is the vibrations coming into our senses. Sound is energy (music) (a persons voice) (I love you). Smell is energy (aroma therapy). Light (sight) is energy (color therapy). Taste is energy (art of cooking is design to heal). Touch is energy (massage). Energy is transformed into matter in our body. I hope I did not lose anyone in deep thought. Listen! We need physical food to make up our physical body. Our senses (energy) help to turn on the switches that help to orchestrate the food energy in our body to work. Yes there is energy all around us in different forms trying to help balance the chaos in our body. 

Our brain is physical but the mind is energy. We can see the brain (physical) but not the mind (energy).  Thought (energy) can help create matter (physical). This what we call creativity. Thought is energy which becomes matter in the physical world we live in. Physical things that we create come from thought. The mind is sensitive to signals or vibrations and sends these signals to the physical brain. The brain transmits chemical neural communication through the whole body. This is where the term Holistic Healing comes from. Our bodies must communicate as a whole unit if we are going to over come disease, (disharmony). The more we create the proper stimulation in our environments the better our bodies can communicate natural health.

The brain takes vibration from our (senses) and turns them into thought (mind) and helps recreate us. We need to be stimulated with knowledge and our 5 senses. It is the way we were created. Think about it! Without stimulation what is the (sense) of living. Stimulation with a balanced life style, (R.E.A.D.) is how we heal. We are imperfect and need stimulation. No doctor can heal us with drugs, only reduce our stress temporally. Drugs are necessary in crisis care but cannot create rebuilding of our body. We need to be stimulated by our senses to help ourselves and each other. Are we not beautifully created!

With Integrated Massage all these principles are applied to help stimulate the 5 our senses: Aroma therapy, Sound Therapy, Color Therapy, Hydro Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Vibration Therapy, Percussion Therapy, and Cold Laser Therapy. Integrated Massage is the best therapy for turning on switches in the brain to help our bodies to heal.