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The Secret Life of Water

This is a profound book of knowledge where in you will learn how thought can effect water to the degree never before understood. A good illustration of what can result from the right words can be seen in the formation of water crystals. When water is exposed to the words "You have to do It," the result is never a well-formed crystal. This also goes for words like "You Fool," and the worst, "It's no good." Perhaps it's time to take these words out of your vocabulary. Fill it instead with words like "Thank you", "Let's do it," "I Love you," "Beautiful." and "Well done". Make these warm and beautiful words the ones you use the most. Read the book and see the reality of our thoughts expressed in water. The author has philosophical views of prayer and other ideas I do not agree with, but this book does explain the power of thought and the effect on matter. Attitude in our thoughts does have an effect on yourself and others. After reading this book you will not want to have a bad attitude ever again.