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Water / Enzymes / Ions / Oxygen

Where does the body receive the most power?  From Water, Oxygen, Enzymes, and Mineral Ions. These are the fundamental energies I use to help others to heal themselves. 

Water is in every part of organic chemistry. If our water is not clean we can not heal the body. Water must be alive with Oxygen, Mineral Ions and clear of chlorine and sewage waste. 

Oxygen without it in a few seconds we would pass out. When exercising we increase our intake of Oxygen. If our water is pure our Oxygen will increase. Eating and juicing live food will increase our Oxygen.

Enzymes are responsible for all the work being done throughout the body. Everything must be broken down or built up and enzymes get the job done. All the excess waste must be broken down before it can transferred out the body. All food must be broken down before our cells can eat. To build a home we need workers without enzymes who is going to build the home we live in?

Mineral Ions are the electricity and energy that our chemistry is built on. Without Ionic Minerals there is no physical body to be created and recreated. Ionic Minerals is the foundation on which our physical health stands on. Minerals help keep the fluid in the body at a pH level that makes it safe for all cells to live in. Of which calcium is the most important mineral of all. Dr. Bernard Jensen called Calcium the knitter of the body. If this Calcium in not working the body can not mend and heal itself. Calcium will either soften the tissue or make it hard as a rock.

Basic company's I use to supply Water, Oxygen, Enzymes and Mineral Ions are:
Seasilver, RBC Coral Calcium, Happy Water, and Designs for Health.
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