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About Better Health Thru Research

Guy Danowski MT.,BK.,CHCP

Holistic Practitioner

Nutritional Analyst

Massage Therapist

Healing Codes Practitioner

Scientific Advisor / Lifes Miracle Company

Certified Qualifications:
Massage Therapist
Touch for Health Instructor
Electro-Dermal Screening
Nutritional Consultant
Nerve Science Therapy
Auricular Medicine
Sound Therapy
Colon Therapist
Cold Laser Therapy
Applied Neurology

Healing Codes Practitioner

Skills Summary

  I have been practicing Holistic Health Care Therapy for the last 28 years. My qualifications have prepared me to create a Holistic Care Practice and an understanding of how the body heals itself.

I work closely with major professional nutritional companies and regularly attend seminars to increase my knowledge in the use of their products and different therapy protocols. This education has afforded me the ability to help many with poor health. I use various forms of Therapies and Nutrition to assist the natural healing powers within our bodies. My work demonstrates energy flow restores our health. I use various techniques and therapies to integrate brain to cell communication which creates energy flow. My work helps to move energy to our cells and remove old toxic energy from our cells. I practice Energy Medicine a Holistic approach. My education comes from research and knowledge from the best Doctors in the field of Holistic Medicine.

Professional experience

Holistic Massage Therapist 1983 - 2011
Biokinesiologist 1985 - 2011

I have assisted in the care of many people with failing health. I will  provide testimonies and pictures of clients whom been diagnosed with terminal diseases. At the end of this page I have listed some of my cases. Other cases of those who have suffered with difficult pain, paralysis, sugar imbalances, depression, skin problems, digestion problems, poor vision, heart failure, hormonal imbalance, migraine headaches, mental diseases and more are all a part of the work I do. I specialize in stress management, chronic and acute conditions.

Keep in mind I do not diagnose, cure or treat any disease. I help my clients through education, massage therapy, and a positive attitude on their part. Our bodies will heal if we relax, purge ourselves of toxins inside and out, eat a balanced diet, drink live clean water, exercise, and practice deep breathing exercises. Please study How The Body Heals Itself an education I provide my clients.

Presentations and Public Appearances

I provide in home and business informative presentations. The theme: How The Body Heals Itself, is a topic I cover that helps everyone understand our bodies can heal itself. I believe that ounce you're educated, success will follow. We need first a basic understanding of how the body works to do this. From this foundation we can build and create a renewed healthy body. Our mind is very precious. If we discipline ourselves first and then teach others, health and success is attainable for everyone.

Professional Affiliations

I send my clients to Chiropractors for spinal examinations and Chiropractic treatments. I also communicate with Medical Doctors for physical examination or diagnosis. As a team I am better able to serve my clients. My work compliments all healing arts Medical and Holistic. 

Educational background

The International Myomassethics Federation Inc. Southfield, Mi. 
Title: LMT., 1983 
Licensed Masseur #9208009

Certification Awards

In 1983 I satisfactorily completed the apprentice training program in the field of Myomassology, covering Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Anatomy, Active & Passive Exercise and Craniology; Signed by Irene E. Gauthier, C.M. Lic.#B045002

In 1985 Dec. 7, A Certificate of Achievement in the course of training in the Art of Scientific Masso Therapy and Nerve Science Therapy, consisting of massaging and manipulation by hand, Electro-Therapy and Paralysis of the body. Signed by Joseph Styke. Lic.#9108586

Was certified several times through the BioKinesiologist Institute for basic training 80hrs, 1985; Urine/Saliva energy evaluation 30hrs, 1985; BK Evaluator Seminar 36hrs, 1988; Completed final exams and was accepted by the Biokinesiology Institute Board of Directors as an accredited Biokinesiology Consultant, May 9 1991.; Signed by John E. Barton, founder and president.

Certified Masso Therapist 1983
Certified Touch for Health Instructor 1983
Certified Colon Therapist: 1984
Certified Biomagnetics Researcher 1984
Certified Iridologist 1984
Certified BioKinesiologist 1985
Certified Art of Nerve Science Therapy 1985
Certified Reflexology Ingham Method 1986
Certified AMTA Continuing Massage Education Seminar 1988
Certified Nurse Aide  Reg. #236832281290E, 1990
Certified Level 1 Electro-Dermal Screening 1993
Certified Level 2 Electro-Dermal Screening 1995
Certified Advanced Auricular Medicine 1995
Certified Foundations in Homeopathy 1996
Certified Basic Acute Homeopathy 1996
Certified Intermediate Acute Homeopathy 1996
Certified Philosophy of Homeopathic Medicine 1996
Certified Bioacoustics' Sound Health Researcher 2000
Certified DDS, Dental Distress Syndrome 2004

10 step Protocol:  Dr.  John Brimhall DC 2004

Certified Applied Neurology in Low Level Laser Therapy 2005

Certified Energy Medicine / Therapeutics and Human Performace: Jeff Spencer, DC James Oschman, PhD 2005

Certified Homeopathy for the Individual Terrain Master Class April 2009: Gerard Gueniot, MD

Certified Healing Coach Practitioner: June 2011 Elaine Willams Instructor

Scientific Advisor for Lifes Miracle Company  2011 Dr. Jeff Bennert PhD. ND., Dr. Kurt Grange PhD. ND.


Personal Information

I am 59 years old and married to my lovely wife VanDoris.

One important goal of mine is to help others learn to become their own best doctor. Help educate families to heal each other. Teaching others how they can heal themselves makes me happy. For myself, teaching others that they can have a productive energetic life; is a lot of fun. Helping communities as a whole become more Health conscious is my highest goal. Contact me and let me help yourself and love ones become all you can be.

August 1963, I was 10 1/2 years old crippled with a bone disease called Perthes' disease. A disease in which changes take place in bone at the head of the femur with deformity resulting in the hip joint. (osteochondritis deformans juvenilis.) All my life I have battled with pain in my left hip joint. I have kept my hip free from Arthritis and Medical Surgery, with Holistic Therapies. Below is a picture of me with my foot in a sling so that my hip joint could heal. I went to a special school for [1 1/2 yrs], because I needed crutches to get around. My dad is holding me up because my foot is in a sling. 

I have helped clients with very poor health. The life energy in their bodies healed them not me. We can improve our health just as others have. Success stories and Movies.