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About Better Health Thru Research

1) Do you have forms I can fill out before I arrive to your office: (Mail all information do not fax)

PRINT OUT all 1 thru 5 pages below - All 5 pages need to be filled out before you come to my office 2 weeks in advance.

Appointment for consultation will be scheduled after( paper work and saliva Q-tips) has been received. Do not send plastic Q-tips; cardboard or wood Q-tips only.

  Print out (Page 1  Health Self Appraisal Questionnaire) (fill in totals at the bottom)

  Print out (Page 2a Health History Report 1)

  Print out (Page 2b Health History Report 2)

  Print out (Page 3  Confidential Client Information Form)

  Print out (Page 4  Neurobehavioral  Symptom Checklist)

  Print out (Page 5  Disclaimer)

Send payment of $200.00 for Total Health Research Evaluation.

Send all information to:

Better Health Thru Research

6827 Reuter

Dearborn, Michigan 48126

Please send two Q-tips with your salvia on both ends. Put the (cardboard or wood Q-tips) into a plastic sandwich bag and then into a letter envelope. Put your name and phone # on the envelope.

2) Are you a Doctor: No

* I am a health researcher that uses a Natural Holistic Approach to healing.

* I am educated in the field of Energy and Functional Medicine.

3) Can you Help me with my disease that I have been diagnose with?

*I do not work on disease; I work with people who have a lot of issues that create the disease.

*All new clients are evaluated thru my research protocol. This evaluation is called Total Health Research Evaluation.

*A Total Health Research Evaluation will help educate a new client about their individual issues. I will list some of the test.

      * Blood type test to find foods that are beneficial to eat and foods to avoid. Are you type O-A-B-AB ?

      * Sound Test of right and left ears: This will identify imbalances of body and brain communication.

      * Self Health Stress Appraisal Report: A six page questionnaire personal report.

      * Health Case History Report: A two page question questionnaire personal report.

      * Anatomy and Physiology Energy Report.

      * Mineral Energy Report.

      * Vitamin and Enzyme Energy Report

      * Cell Salts - Fatty acid and Amino Acid Energy Report.   

      * Hormones - Toxins and Allergy Energy Report.

      * Emotional Energy Report (bach flower remedy)

      * Nutrition Recommendation and Schedule Report

4) What is the initial cost of first visit:

* A Total Health Research Evaluation Personal Portfolio is $200.00

* A follow up consultation is scheduled to explain all details of T.H.R.E. personal report. cost $40:00

5) What is Integrated Therapy session like, What can I expect?

* First there is a foot bath that provides - and + ions to help detoxify poisons and create new energy flow.

* Color - Sound - and Cold Laser are used to help the Mind and DNA to communicate better thus allowing the body to better understand direction of healing process; Physically, Emotionally and Chemically. 

* If time allows a full and detailed body massage using applied kinesiology to open meridians of energy flow.

* When you leave your pain, and emotional stress will be less. You will feel relax and energized at the same time.

* The objective of Integrated Therapy is to help the body to communicate better and provide client less stress and more energy. The main focus is to keep the body balanced, best as possible on all three levels; Physically, Emotionally and Chemically.

6) Do you give discounts to clients who want and need more Integrated Therapy but can not afford valued priced.

Discounts click here.