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Don't Drink The Water!

We all know this is happening and it's happening right now! The water treatment plants across the U.S.A. are adding up to 10 different chemicals to try and control multiplying bad bacteria before it reaches your home. This water has bad memory, plus chemicals! In some cities they are actually recycling sewage for drinking purposes because of the water shortages. What are you drinking?

The chemically treated tap water won't kill you right away, but just like cigarettes, it is slowly taking its toll on our health. Our bodies are not made to handle man-made chemicals or the contaminated air from cigarettes. Even people who do not smoke are affected by second hand cigarette smoke. 

At BHTR we sincerely believe you need to take control of your own health by Alkalizing, Cleansing, Nourishing and balancing our body. You must start this process with good water.

We offer free shipping and we pay the tax on all new machines. You couldn't make a better investment in your health!

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